I See Buhari Going The Jammeh, Mugabe, Zuma Method - Reno Omokri

The scoop that the South African President, Jacob Zuma turned into resigning with instant outcomes got here as a bolt of lightning on Wednesday the 14th of February. It was once a Valentines Day detailed for all of Africa. Reputedly, to stave off a vote of no trust on him by means of his very own social gathering, the African Country wide Congress, Zuma, hand over the level whilst the ovation changed into lowest.
Within the area of simply s little over a 12 months, Africa removed a number of its worst appearing leaders (whenever you can name them that). First Jammeh, then Mugabe, and now Zuma.

The humorous component is that Zuma used to be a type of that negotiated Mugabe’s go out, now not figuring out that he become giving a get dressed practice session to those that could additionally plan his possess go out a trifling 3 months later.

Yet is the domino end result over? With Presidents Obasanjo and Babangida’s vote of no self belief at the incumbent Nigerian President Buhari, I see him going the way in which of the opposite gerontocrats who've not too long ago fallen from grace.

The item is that the two Presidents Obasanjo and Babangida signify President Buhari’s regularly occurring constituency, the army. Anybody, like Bola Tinubu, who's whispering candy nothings to the President’s ears that the duo are of no end result is a court docket jester which will lead the President to his political Waterloo!

However the vote of no self belief would not simply quit with the duo that Tinubu desires to consign to the retirees membership.

At the related day that Zuma resigned to bypass a vote of no trust, the Nigerian Senate voted to reorder the order of the 2019 elections to make the Presidential elections come remaining other than first.

All people who understands Nigeria, is familiar with that this spells doom for the President. His try to intimidate his fellow Fulani brethren who's the Senate President, has failed woefully. And as a Fulani neatly versed in Pulako, Senate President Bukola Saraki is set to get his pound of flesh!

What the Senate did by using reordering the order of the 2019 elections is identical to what the ANC did to Zuma. It's a vote of no trust. It's a Purple CARD to Buhari. An indication of his rejection with the aid of his possess social gathering, which additionally takes place to be most people birthday party inside the Nationwide Meeting. Africa’s time as well out failed leaders seems NOW!

And the President is this type of stupid flesh presser. He doesn't have the clout that Obasanjo has, neither does he have the allure that Babangida has. He's any such clumsy political operative. Look into how surely he performed his hand within the Senate.

Is it a accident that on an afternoon the Senate used to be to discuss the reordering of the 2019 elections, the EFCC charged Senator Abdullahi Adamu’s son for fraud? And is it yet another accident that it turned into the identical Senator Abdullahi Adamu, whose son has been arraigned simply that morning, that led the professional-Buhari Senators to stroll out after the reordering surpassed?

Buhari used Senator Adamu’s son to manipulate him. But in spite of that blackmail, all he may just get have been simply 10 votes from 10 senators led by means of Adamu. This kind of issue could not at all have occurred to Obasanjo or Babangida. The election agenda should be reordered and the inept, clueless, Stone Age dictator in Aso Rock may be booted out in 2019.

And to Tinubu, who pronounced Presidents Obasanjo and Babangida are yesterday’s adult males and will connect the retirees membership, I actually have a matter. What of Buhari? As a minimum going by using his ‘football age’ he's an identical age with Babangida. We aren't speaking of his authentic age. Simply his respectable age. So he too may still be a part of the membership!

Why does Tinubu nonetheless discuss from each side of the mouth at sixty five? Tinubu also known as Presidents Obasanjo and Babangida ‘yesterday’s men’! Has he forgotten how he led APC leaders to beg Obasanjo to aid them ‘navigate’ their approach to victory in 2015? Who's extra ‘yesterday’ than Buhari?

Is Bola Tinubu so determined that he might have faith the puerile lies he's being advised through the Buhari gang that they are going to surrender to him?

Bola Tinubu need to ask himself if there may also be a Nigeria handy over if President Buhari will get a moment time period.

In his first time period, matters have long gone so abysmally improper that it truly is confident that Nigeria won't be able to continue to exist one other 4 years as such an unmitigated crisis.

Per the African Pattern Financial institution, in 2017, 18 African international locations grew their Gross Home Product above five%. Nigeria, become no longer a type of international locations. But we led the pack in 2014. What has befell among 2014 and 2018? Buhari passed off.

The Naira has misplaced eighty five p.c. of its 2015 magnitude, going from ₦195 to $1 on May well 29, 2015 to ₦365 to $1 right now. It truly is one Naira for each day of the yr.

Consistent with the Nigerian Bureau of Facts, 10 million workers grew to become unemployed within the closing 2 years that's a rise of one hundred fifty%.

Inflation jumped from nine.five% in 2015 to 17% in 2017.

Yet nowhere else has the Buhari management failed so spectacularly, as inside the part that become predicted to be his natural and organic house of energy.

Allow us to take a look at a few evidence.

On December 24, 2015, President Buhari suggested Boko Haram used to be “technically defeated”. On December 7, 2016, he suggested Boko Haram used to be “finished”. On December 24, the identical Buhari noted Boko Haram changed into “crushed”. A 12 months later, Buhari asked for $1 billion to defeat Boko Haram and as of late Buhari says Boko Haram’s “days are numbered”. Which one is it Mr. President?

Now on Wednesday, February 14, 2018, we research that a Federal Govt Group have been negotiating with herdsmen and that they have graciously agreed to a ceasefire!

Certain! You learn me proper. Ceasefire!

Are you able to think the Nigerian Authorities delegation to Benue asserting herdsmen have ‘agreed to ceasefire’? What nonsense!

Could killer Fulani herdsmen be agreeing to a ceasefire or may want to they be arrested and made to pay for his or her mass murders? What has Buhari grew to become Nigeria to? What's so specified approximately killer Fulani herdsmen that the Buhari administration’s Technical Sub Committee on herdsmen challenge has to be negotiating with killers?

Killer Fulani herdsmen have to be negotiating with military bullets now not a Federal Executive committee! Why didn’t they negotiate with IPOB? Why didn’t they negotiate with kidnappers and armed robbers? Sending Buhari returned to Daura is the best approach to herdsmen drawback.

And that's why I need to finish this piece with a plea.

We all know Buhari is not going to win a loose and truthful election. Yet in a crisis the place his handpicked INEC board makes it really easy for youngsters within the Northwest to get PVC but demanding for adults inside the South to get PVC, it really is it is easy to. Pause from looking # BBNaija and do the whole thing to get your PVC.