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Classes to be Scheduled:
Anti-Aging Technicques and Tips
Teen Facial Care
The Benefits and Differences of Exfoliation Practices
Classes will be scheduled depending on level of interest and number of interested parties.  For more information or to schedule other class topics or arrange for a group to take a class, contact Kelly at 951-787-0957


Closing News!

The Terrace Spa will be closing as planned.

The exact date of closure has not yet been set but will be posted as soon as a date is determined.  All gift certificates will be expiring as of June 1, 2015 so we can reconcile our books before closing. If you have gift certificates, we encourage you to use them toward available services or retail products as soon as feasible as services and retail may be sold out or limited before long.  On gift certificates over one year old, please ckeck the conditions on the back side of the gift certificate.  As of May 1, 2015 all fees will apply.  We recommend you book your appointments as soon as possible as availability is becoming very limited.  Multiple services for more than one person at a time and some services are also becoming very limited or may no longer be offered.

Thank you to all our wonderful clients who have become like family and friends. 

We hope to see you all one or more times before we close.