Body Treatments

Back Therapy Treatment - $85

This rejuvenating back therapy treatment is relaxing yet invigorating. This 60 minute treatment begins with dry brushing the back to loosen dry, dead skin. This is followed by a deep steam cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions as necessary. To stimulate blood flow, the back is massaged using Swedish contemporary strokes to ready the skin for a warm collagen paraffin masque that is applied over a hydrating aloe vera masque for deep penetration and relaxation.  After the masque is removed, a soothing moisturizer is applied to complete this soothing, enjoyable treatment.

Total Body Wellness Treatment - $70

This uniquely wonderful body treatment increases energy, assists with detoxification and encourages lymph drainage to leave you feeling relaxed but refreshed.  Also includes: dry brushing, custom mud pack treatment, a lymph drainage massage on the back of the body, and a pressure point massage on the face and scalp.  45 minutes

Scalp and Hair Treatment - $40

This treatment is great for not only relaxation but is fantastic for the hair.  The treatment begins with a scalp massage while oils that are specifically formulated for dry, thinning or damaged hair are massaged into the hair and scalp followed by pressure point massage. The head is then wrapped to hold warmth to ensure pernetration into the scalp and cuticle of the hair.  A cleansing shower removes the oils from the hair leaving the hair soft and silky. This is a great treatment to add to a wrap or massage. 
30 minutes

Revive the Body, Relax the Mind, and Soothe the Spirit!
Wraps, scrubs, and other body treatments are available for complete body care.

Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap - $65

Detoxify, Detoxify, Detoxify!
Enjoy the rejuveating effects of this revitalizing wrap!  This treatment starts with dry brushing the body to stimulate blood flow and loosen and remove dry, dead skin.  The warm enzymatic sea mud is then brushed over the body and immediately wrapped to hold in the heat and begin the 20 minute process of detoxification.  Once wrapped and relaxing, a soothing scalp or foot massage is then done to relax you even further.  The mud is then gently removed with steamed towels.  A warm shower is then recommended to completely cleanse and refresh! 

Aloe Vera Hydro Wrap - $65

This wrap is perfect for dry, sun damaged, and dehydrated skin.  Dry brushing loosens the dry, dead skin preparing it to absorb healing aloe vera and skin soothing moisture. You are then wrapped to warm and heat the body so that the maximum amount of moisture penetrates and hydrates the skin.  During the wrap, you will also be treated to your choice of a foot or scalp massage. Any aloe vera that remains is  gently wiped away with steamed towels. You may shower, however, we recommend that any remaining aloe be left on the skin to further soak in, heal and hydrate.

Body Polish - $45

A Hydro-active Mineral Salt Scrub or Sugar Scrub leaves your entire body feeling silky, soft and smooth.  This treatment begins with dry brushing and then either a salt or sugar scrup (your choice) is massaged into the skin to loosen and remove dry and dehydrated skin. A shower is part of this treatment to remove all residue.

Add a moisture massage to this treatment to ensure that the body retains its moisture and softness.   - $35

Coffee Foot Scrub - $25
Add this great treatment for feet that have a tendency to hold odor.  Includes scrub, hydrating masque and foot massage.  25 minutes