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Even the thickest pores and skin wears skinny...even the most powerful end up vulnerable..the conclusion in superior him than me is an association created from egocentric cowards who cover in the back of the mask of legit humans..I have taken such a lot of hits from ignorant strangers masquerading as mates, scared boys dressed as adult males..they are not the best ones accountable of this their accomplices are those who say they love them and feed their lies by means of projecting their anger and frustration from the fact that their "companion" is different from the unhealthy man they so fast condemn purpose it be more convenient to see out than in..then perhaps their "love" shouldn't be demonstrated..their "certainty" no longer puzzled...fake idols in paper bag applications soaked with lies and fabrication...reeking of desperation to slot the appropriate of "professional and green with envy love"...I have attempted to take convenience in understanding who I'm ,which I on no account lie approximately, and that individuals will see the fact in time, however too many unprovoked assaults disguised as risk free and justified yet unluckily aren't...those infractions are just innocent and justified to the attacker yet now not the sufferer...I have sat idly through too lengthy, letting my integrity and actuality be puzzled and judged..fuck you for wondering you might construct your self yourself-righteous ivory tower off my clear've gotten forgotten how fucking challenging I will be able to hit and trust during this fake experience of safeguard my compassion and awareness all fail or simply refuse to self mirror and location the blame at the ones who deserve it..take a fucking inspect one another and surely fucking imagine...are we top to one another fuck are we actual to ourselves? Or can we undertaking as not to mirror? None of you've gotten the conviction to be straightforward approximately what the important obstacle is , so what fucking makes you're thinking that you can still put on those mask continuously? I take into accout the reality scares isn't light ,yet at the least this is genuine...develop the fuck up and prevent striking your anger in puts that'll turn out to be getting you damage...concentrate on this your fucking caution shot..and also you need to know how severe I'm?...inquire from me a matter approximately me you suspect all of us could lie approximately..I warranty my reply could be the form that buries you deep interior and makes you uneasy...if I used to be a liar then I might paint a prettier photo than this ...fuck I would doubtlessly seem like the remainder of you..however I need to be at liberty...any other preference..your choice, that is to faux it til you are making it, no longer understanding your lies will usually destroy it and you may too....confidence me..time is the decide jury and executioner, so tidy the fuck up formerly it truly is too overdue...the time of your existence is walking spend it properly..finally making replace seriously is not achieveable and a persons' gonna get caught paying the proverbial invoice...make sure you tip ya low cost fucks. cheap evening dresses

-Christopher Eastman